Monday, February 21, 2005

50 Cent: Candy Shop

Brands featured:
G-Unit Clothing:Two T-shirts, three fitted baseball hats(red,grey,white), one polo shirt, one tracksuit.
G-Unit Footwear by Reebok:One pair of G-6 II shoes.
New Era: Two Yankee fitted hats(red,blue), one Oakland A's fitted hat.
Saleen: Saleen S7 sportscar (red).
BMW:BmW 645 Ci two door coupe.
Chart position:
BET Rap City Top 10: Number 2
Billboard Top 20 Singles:Number 2(issue date 2/26/05)
MTV Top 20:Number 3(week of 2/7 through 2/14/05).
Yahoo! Music Top 100 Videos: Number 1.