Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Product Spotlight:Mattel Juicebox

Product background: Mattel launched the Juicebox personal media player in October 2004, with the 'tween (ages 8-12) market as its primary target. With its proprietary media cards, called Juiceware, the user can access mp3,video, and photo content.
The placement: Based on the prominent positioning in recent videos by Ludacris and TI, its clear that Mattel wants to establish an early foothold in the urban marketplace for the Juicebox. This intention is even more clear when you look at the Juicebox's feature in Ashantis video for "Dont Let Them", which is reminiscent of the Ipod-seeding in videos from 50 Cent ("PIMP"), D12("My Band"), Mary J Blige ("Love at First Sight"), and Obie Trice ( "Got Some Teeth"). Ashanti was also a participant in the unveiling of Mattels 2005 content line, and her "Concrete Rose" album is recieving promotion on the Juicebox website. I'm not sure how well the placement will connect with the 'tween audience, but it could be an effective pitch to parents in search of a new distraction for their children.
Product reviews: Most criticisms for the product are based on its reliance on proprietary media and low sound/video quality, while it has recieved praise for being durable,portable, and affordable. It is universally agreed that a strong and consistent line of content will make or break the Juicebox. ZDNet review- PC Magazine review - Gizmodo review