Sunday, February 27, 2005

TI: You Dont Know Me

Brands featured:
Aston Martin: Vanquish coupe
A Tiziano: One jacket
Champion USA: One hooded sweater
Chevrolet: One Impala coupe
Elemental Magazine
Evisu: One pair of jeans
Lacoste: One track jacket
LRG: One jacket, one hooded sweater
New Era: One Pittsburgh Pirates fitted cap, one Atlanta fitted cap
Ralph Lauren: One Polo shirt
Sean John: One jacket
Star and Co: One hooded sweater, two jackets
Vibe/Spin Ventures,LLC: Vibe magazine

Chart position:
BET Rap City Top 10: Number 6
Billboard Top 20 Singles: N/A
MTV Top 20: N/A
Yahoo! Music Top 100 videos: N/A