Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hip Hop Collabs-The Corporate Edition

There've been a lot of new deals and announcements from hip-hop brands this quarter, heres a quick rundown:
Diddy/Sean John:
Has a licensing agreement with G III Apparel Group for a womens athletic line. Also has a cooking contetst show airing on NBC this April.
Ice Cube:
Will star in and produce a Mr Kotter re-make through Dimension Films.
Announced three new leases for the 40/40 Club and has a Rocawear watch line in the works.
Bundled an app by ID Interactive with his new album Reality Check. The program will allow usuers to turn songs from the album into customized ringtones.
LL Cool J:
Launched the Todd Smith clothing line.
Notorious BIG (estate) :
Signed an exclusive mobile content deal with Zingy.
Designing jewelry for Louis Vuitton and may have an Ice Cream/New Era collab in the works? (spotted at Hype)

Signed a mobile content deal with Sprint to promote his upcoming album King; note the Sprint/Nextel phones in the What You Know video. He also announed plans for a fashion line.