Monday, April 11, 2005

Quarterly Brand Report:Automotive

Today I'll begin posting the first quarterly brand report for 2005. The brands will be listed according to six categories: Alcohol/ Tobacco, Apparel, Automotive, Electronics, Jewlery, and Media brands. I'll also list products or comapnies that have made their rap video debuts.

Automotive brand: Number of appearances in videos
Chevrolet: 4
Mercedes: 4
Rolls Royce: 3
Bentley: 2
Cadillac: 2
Aston Martin: 1
BMW: 1
Brabus North America: 1
Chrysler: 1
Dodge: 1
Ferarri: 1
Lincoln: 1
Saleen: 1

Product/Company debuts: The BMW 645i, Brabus North America, the Mercedes CLS sedan, and the Saleen S7.