Sunday, April 23, 2006

Side Hustles

Some recent endorsement deals and brand extensions in hip hop and r & b:
Russell Simmons has a development deal with HBO.

Jadakiss endorses Bada Bing cigars.

Snoop has new deals for a book series and movie.

Funkmaster Flex will be endorsing Cooper Tires. Oddly, the TV commercials for this campaign will feature rock music.

LL Cool J has a fitness book dropping this January. Im sure there will be plenty of Todd Smith athletic apparel featured. An accompanying workout DVD and/or mixtape would really enhance this deal. Some cross promotional deals with an energy drink brand and a national fitness club wouldn't hurt, either.

Ne-Yo has a digital content deal with Coca-Cola, while Def Jam labelmate Mariah will be recording ringtones for Pepsi.